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Wujiang Youtong textile industry is at the forefront of local textile enterprises in terms of production capacity, construction scale, development layout and management strength, social contribution, etc. It has a rapid development momentum and is thriving and shocked.
YouTong public welfare
Low Carbon Environmental Protection As a pioneer of environmental protection in the industry, Youtong advocates the whole process of environmental protection from raw materials, production to consumption. Save resources and reduce pollution.
Employee Care The company cares for employees, improves production and living conditions year by year, provides competitive salaries, strengthens education and training, and improves staff quality.
Social Public Welfare The company actively participates in social public welfare undertakings, setting up 11 million yuan charity fund, contributing to local charity undertakings, setting up 5 million education fund and donating 3 million yuan to Textile Light.
Corporate Mission of Youtongjia Culture
Close to life, beautify life
Global Textile Specialty Fabric Providers
Core values
    1. Establishing a win-win mechanism based on value customers;

    2. Continuous innovation;

    3. Professional, dedicated, professional and identifiable employees;

    4. Create every day with love.

    5. Morality of integrity, integrity, sincerity, trustworthiness and righteousness.
Youtong Guodang
Following the strategy of "one belt and one road", you have formed four production areas of Xi'an, Beijing, Xinjiang and Jiangsu, and achieved 53 million meters of their own capacity. In the future, Xinjiang will be the center of production capacity and form a global balanced distribution.
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