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Company Strength
The annual output is over 58 million meters. At the same time, it can also provide post-processing such as coating, compounding, polishing, rolling, flocking and so on. It can meet the customized requirements of various customers and export to North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries and regions in various forms. The products are welcomed by the vast number of users at home and abroad. The anti-static series fabrics have been tested by authoritative departments such as the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Information Industry and the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the National Military Quartermaster Products. Their anti-static functions and quality are in line with international standards. For more than ten years, Wujiang Youtong Textile Co., Ltd. has maintained rapid growth and become one of the most influential suppliers of special textile products and application so
Product Guarantee
Products include anti-static series, anti-radiation series, flame retardant series, oil and water repellent series, acid and alkali repellent series, anti-ultraviolet series.

There are several hundred textile products in ten categories, such as medium and high-grade garment lining.
Function I Function Ⅱ Function Ⅲ Function Ⅳ Function Ⅴ Function Ⅵ Function Ⅶ
As a professional textile fabric supplier, Youtong textile products and solutions are selected by many departments and well-known enterprises.
Product Guarantee
Wujiang Youtong Textile Co., Ltd. will persist as always
"Survival by quality and development by reputation" is the business purpose.
In line with the enterprise spirit of "pioneering, enterprising, realistic and innovative",
We are dedicated to provide you with high quality service and create a better future hand in hand.
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