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cooperation Diversification and Overall External Affairscooperation
DistributionConsignmentEnterprise CustomizationNetwork SalesZero Investment SalesNo pressurelow costNo worries at home
Enterprises, agents, distributors and network platforms with different needs are welcome to join us in exploring the special fabric market.
Product advantages
Factory Outlet
First-hand Source
Optional spot customization
Authoritative Detection
After-sales system
Online and offline services
Company Strength Company Strength
Annual output is huge
At the same time, it can also provide post-processing processing such as coating, compounding, glossy rolling, flocking and so on, which can meet the customized requirements of various customers.
Export to the world
In North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, the formation of sales networks. All-round coverage of products online and offline to the whole country
Advanced equipment
It has 260 water-jet looms, 60 air-jet looms and 3 sets of equipment imported from Japan.
Modern Techniques
We employ dozens of senior managers and technical elites to carry out strict quality control system, and constantly develop, innovate and improve our products.
prospect Industry Prospect Expectation
Great Market Potential
Increase by 30% of the market capacity
Development space is infinite
Special tooling has started fashion trend
General trend, national security
Environmental Protection Production
Partner Partner
As a professional textile fabric supplier, Youtong textile products and solutions are selected by many departments and well-known enterprises.
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